ハーレーダビッドソン ( Harley Davidson ) のスポーツスター ( Sportster ) をベースにしたクラブマンレーサー ( Clubman Racer ) です。
2002 | Z-MCY-12 | SPORTSTER DIRT TRACK RACER とフレームを共用しています。

It is also sold at amazon in your country.
Try searching for “0937” or “0937 UNOFFICIAL BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS”.

5 thoughts on “2002 | Z-MCY-13 | SPORTSTER CLUBMAN RACER

  1. I really like your models! I´ve posted your SPORTSTER CLUBMAN RACER in my blog (lego technic motorcycles) some time ago.
    Just to let you know! Have a nice day!

    • Thank you for your message.
      I already have known about your Blog.
      I tried to leave a comment in your Blog a few weeks ago, but not accepted.

      You can post my more creations in your Blog.

      I push these.
      z-mcy-17, 15, 14, 07

  2. Your models are absolutely amazing! I have a fair collection of lego motorbikes, I would love to have a model of this one in my display. I just thought I would ask if there was any way you might allow me to make one? If so do you have a parts list or directions at all?

    Yours hopefully


    • Jonny,
      I didn’t make the instructions of my LEGO MOCs.
      Maybe I’ll take pictures of process to take apart this, then I’ll upload these photos at future update.


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